Niada Blisters and Thermoformed products: we design your sustainable packaging

Together with you, we design your blisters and thermoformed products to maximize your products.

NBC Niada designs and develops in-house aluminum molds for blisters and thermoformed products that are destined for production, suitable for use in various sectors such as hardware, hydraulics, stationery, household, healthcare, cosmetics, automotives, and much more.

Its extensive experience allows Niada to profoundly understand the thermoforming process and its different fields of application. All molds are designed according to customer specifications and in full compliance with industry standards.

The Group’s plant, located in Malnate (Varese), uses only the most advanced technologies supported by computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), managed by our expert staff, who undergo continuous training and constant updating.