Our green ideology

NBC Niada for the environment: a sustainable approach in the production of blisters and thermoformed products

The Niada Group promotes and supports the concept of a circular economy to reduce waste, embracing an eco-design perspective and offering eco-sustainable products and services.

The circular economy: a sustainable approach, zero impact objective.

The blisters, the thermoformed products, and the entire Niada line are conceived to protect the environment through a production chain that starts with raw material recycling.
The majority of raw material used to produce blisters, bivalve blisters, thermoformed products, trays for industrial handling, thermoformed trays, and counter displays are km 0 and therefore purchased from local and certified suppliers.

A high percentage of the material used to make Niada blisters and thermoformed products comes from recycled and recyclable materials. The Group has the future goal of using 100% recyclable and recycled material, for complete green production, to achieve a green vision.
Based on the principles of the circular economy, NBC Niada contributes to research through intensive research and development activity.

Niada goes green