NBC Niada, your partner in thermoforming and blister production since 1975

Since 1975, NBC Niada, European leader in the thermoforming sector since 1975, NBC Niada has been creating the best solutions for thermoformed plastic products to meet multiple requests and needs.

Your packaging and thermoforming service, in Malnate, in the heart of Varese

The company, located in Malnate, in the province of Varese, offers packaging services with a range of top-quality recyclable plastic products. These include removable blisters, bivalve blisters, thermoformed products, industrial trays, thermoformed trays, counter displays, valve blister packaging for the healthcare field, and other products in the industry.

NBC Niada is a family run business with deeply held values and exacting ethics, with an eye to the future and innovation.

Sensitive to the flow of change, we are a leader and expert in thermoforming, operating in various fields, including cosmetics, the automotive industry, and healthcare.

The company guarantees flexibility and accessibility for the design, customization and development of the product, thus satisfying any possible need.

NBC Niada: Sustainable and safe Thermoformed products, 100% Made in Italy

NBC Niada supports Made in Italy by concentrating the entire production cycle at its operating headquarters set in an area of about 12,000 square metres (130,000 sq feet), situated in a strategic location. Located on the Swiss border and connected to major Italian and European cities, NBC Niada plays a key role within this market.

NBC Niada proudly supports a policy of local material using only locally produced products: 100% recyclable raw materials employed are acquired from local suppliers and subsequently become part of a recycling, reuse and recover program. This process promotes a circular economy, valuing products and resources and minimizing waste. Achieving this goal requires better packaging design and new technologies to reuse, recycle or recover materials.

NBC Niada guarantees high-quality products based on the highest standards, and for many years, it has obtained ISO 9001 certification, which qualifies the company as world class.

Our professionalism and experience gained in the field, attention to every detail and request, advanced research, and the technologies employed, guarantee the quality of the product. This results in the highest degree of satisfaction in meeting the needs of those who, since 1975, have relied on NBC Niada for the production of blisters and thermoformed recycliable plastic products.